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Administrative Assistant

Name:Ali mahdiETHAEB Date of Birth: 23/05/1974. City of Birth:Al- Hay/ Wasit/Iraq. E. mail: Academic Qualifications and History: Bachelor degree in VeterinaryMedicineand Surgery Baghdad University/Veterinary College. 1999 High diploma in Public Health. Baghdad University/Veterinary College/Public Health Dept.2001 MS.c of Anatomy and Histology. Baghdad University/Veterinary College/Anatomy and Histology Dept.2010 PhD of Histology and Anatomy (Molecular biology). University of Hull/Faculty of Health ...

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An electronic webiner held by the College of Veterinary Medicine on stroke in animals

The College of Veterinary Medicine, Wasit University, held an electronic symposium entitled (Heat stroke in animles) on 30/8/2021 via the FCC platform at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, in which Dr. Naqaa Saleh, a lecturer at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Wasit University This symposium dealt with the health problems that animals are exposed to in extreme heat from ...

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